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"If anyone wants to come after me, take up his cross and follow me"

The Architects

The first drawings of the chapel’s layout were created based on the suggestions of the Franciscan friar and historian, Capistrano. The plans were finalised by the son of Antal Lipthay, the architect Nicolás Lipthay Allen, who designed a concept based on the sketches and notes of his father. The project was then finetuned by the Hungarian architect Miklós Kovács adding to the concept form and spirit of the ancient Hungary of the Arpad dynasty, underscoring local traditions, and simplifying the construction. Miklós Kovács is also responsible for the supervision of the construction. 

Nicolás Lipthay Allen

Nicolás Lipthay Allen is the son of Antal Lipthay and Lillian Allen. He was born in Chile, and he is among the most prominent architects of Chile. 

The high quality of his work is proof of his expertise, his talent and creativity. 

Miklós Kovács is a Hungarian architect. His buildings follow traditional shapes but in a modern interpretation. 


His work is based on respect to all the values that formed the Hungarian identity over centuries.  

Miklós Kovács 

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