Pro Arte et Natura Foundation - PAN

The construction of the chapel was started by the Pro Arte et Natura Foundation – PAN , Antal Lipthay and his wife.  

The founders of the PAN Foundation are Mr. Lipthay and his wife, late marquis Károly Pallavicini and Lóránd Bereczky.

Antal Lipthay 

Antal Lipthay and his wife, Dr. Erzsébet Lipthay started working on the Stations of the Cross in 2002, and they finished the project in 2015. At the moment they are coordinating the construction of the chapel.

The Stations of the Cross honour Saint Anthony of Padua while the chapel is for Our Lady of Sorrows as an atonement. 

Both are supplications to God for peace!

Dr. Erzsébet Lipthay

2018. Pro Arte et Natura Alapítvány - Fájdalmas Szüzanya Kápolna - wix.com

2018. Pro Arte et Natura Foundation - The Chapel of Our Lady of Sorrows - wix.com

Zene / Music:    Stabat Mater  - 

                        Giovanni Pierluigi da Palestrina

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