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"If anyone wants to come after me, take up his cross and follow me"

The Chapel

Thoughts and plans

The Our Lady of Sorrows Chapel shows us the life and suffering of Christ, son of God, who not only taught about peace and love, but he also achieved it. 

He is the gate to perpetual light. 

The shape of the chapel echoes ancient eras that formed the Hungarian identity and created its unique character – this is what makes us a proud and sovereign Nation.

The chapel is also a message to upcoming generations, to follow God, the homeland and the historic traditions. 


The chapel built for

Our Lady of Sorrows is intended to represent peace and love among people

The three patron saints of the pilgrims coming to the chapel:
St. Francis, Clara and Anthony
IMG_9472 (1).jpg
A holy place in the beauty
of nature, where we can ask Virgin Mary to help us
with his son
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